Licensed Master of Social Work
Registered Drama Therapist
 NY Certficate in Applied Positive Psychology
Seminar In Field Instruction

"Andrea is a true genius and recognizes genius in her clients, peers, and mentors. The world truly is her stage and she enables everyone to be a star, the true sign of a professional."

Nancy Sondag, LCAT, RDT/BCT

My passion is to inspire hope and maximize potentials.

I believe in the power of performance as a product, as a process, and everything in between.​
As a Licensed Master of Social Work and a Registered Drama Therapist I'm
using drama / theatre processes to achieve therapeutic gains.

I'm mostly influenced by person centered approaches within experiential / relationship oriented theories, Interpersonal Group Theory,  Positive Psychotherapy and Role Theory.

In my groups I combine elements of social work principles, strengths-based positive interventions and creative dramatics.

My specialty is working with gro​ups with cognitive limitations (below average IQ with psychiatric disabilities, and elderly people with dementia).

"Your contributions afford a fine integration of psychosocial development and the dramatic arts !  You are brilliant.  Nothing short of brilliant, with a Midas touch."   
Professor Cipriano, MS, LCSW, LPsa - Fordham University, Lincoln Center

"Andrea is a diligent researcher on how to use drama therapy with DD clients and on how to integrate the information into social work interventions. Andrea fosters autonomy and, at the same time, she helps the clients to feel that they are members of a goal directed group. Andrea has excellent engagement skills. She is able to engage difficult and resistant clients and form effective working alliances with them. Andrea has a natural tendency to see people's strengths, help the clients to recognize their strengths and to build on them, reframe issues and to see things in a more positive light.  Andrea promoted self-determination and she encouraged clients to pursue their dreams to the extent possible.  
Raymond T. Franzem, PhD - AHRC Director of Social Services for Education

"Andrea is the kind of person you love working with. She is a jack of all trades, dependable, inspiring, and supportive.
Her talent and experience as a drama therapist, actor, and social worker were a huge asset as a program assistant. She is also a great trainer and public speaker.
Her knowledge and experience compliment her lovely disposition."
Jodie Berman - True Care, Director of Programs and Community Engagement

"Andrea's work in drama therapy and psychodrama embodies the highest level of care, creativity and competency. Her experience ranges from clinical to corporate settings. Because of her broad range of skills in business, acting, and languages she has the unique ability to tailor dynamic, engaging and effective, interventions for her clients."  
Dr. Daniel J. Tomasulo - PhD, TEP, MFA, MAPP -   Spirituality Mind Body Institute, Teachers College, Columbia University  

"Andrea  brought the fun, creative, cheerful, yet professional attitude that we look for in our employees. As Assistant Program Director, Andrea has introduced innovative approaches and programs to Hearthstone. Her use of expressive art techniques and experience in psychotherapy and social work has proved effective in the relationships she built with our residents and their family members. She has cultivated the strengths of our residents and uses these strengths in her interactions with our residents daily. She has also played a meaningful role in research projects throughout the company, and communicates thoroughly with our management team and staff. Her skills as a drama therapist fit in with our approach and have given our programs a new dynamic. She has introduced the use of Mindfulness Meditation and “role play” to our residents, and these are just two examples of techniques that have helped our residents maintain and maximize their communication skills, level of engagement, and overall quality of life.
Grace Townley Executive Director at Hearthstone Alzheimer Care