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I am so eternally grateful for getting the experience to work with Andrea, both as my supervisor and co-author. She has an exceptional supervision style that encourages collaboration and facilitates professional and personal growth. I was given exercises and resources that helped me to better understand the work I was doing with clients, which continues to strengthen the work I am doing today. I began my internship with AHRC knowing only that I wanted to work with people with intellectual disabilities; I left this internship with far more knowledge and experience than I thought was possible. I highly recommend!

Caroline Schau, LMSW
NY START Coordinator @ YAI

It was an absolute privilege to intern for Andrea's Drama Therapy group at AHRC this past year. She has a clear gift and passion for helping others explore their potential within art, and beyond. As a group facilitator, Andrea possesses a calm, yet confident demeanor that simultaneously commands attention and respect, and also makes others feel valued, cared for, and at ease. As a supervisor and mentor, she went above and beyond; Andrea was so attentive to ensuring we gained as much as we hoped for throughout our process together. She was consistently open to answer questions, give feedback, provide related resources, and allowed numerous opportunities for us to lead activities and sessions. I felt Andrea was genuinely invested in furthering my development at AHRC, as well as in my professional career. Could not recommend her more! 

Kiera Muscara
Master of Science in Social Work Student at Columbia University

I cannot express the immense gratitude towards Andrea I have for the incredible experience she gave me during my internship at AHRC New York League, Adult Day Services. Her tenacity, intelligence, talent, and big heart not only make her wonderful to work with but also the most amazing mentor an intern could ask for. Andrea gave me thought provoking, relevant articles and papers to read throughout my internship to help me become more knowledgeable of the methods and theories she utilizes in her group work. She allowed me to facilitate throughout the groups and invent new games to play with the clients. I was only able to do so confidently from watching and learning from Andrea for the first few months. She is an amazing group facilitator. Andrea wrote me a wonderful recommendation letter that I believe greatly assisted in my acceptance to NYU's master program of Drama Therapy. I highly recommend her as a mentor. Anyone would be incredibly lucky to learn from her. 

Kaitlynn Cornell
New York University, Master’s Degree Drama Therapy

It was a wonderful experience having   Andrea as my supervisor this year. Andrea is truly amazing at what she does; I would sometime observer Andrea when she is facilitating group and go home and think about her.  Andrea is someone who listen, calm, understands; she is someone you can talk to when dealing with difficulty situation. I love her demeanors in terms of explaining certain things to me when I don’t understand. She will take her time to explain it to me as well as provide video and articles to help me succeed. I must say I learn a lot from Andrea in terms of how to conduct myself in a professional setting.  I truly admire Andrea and she is an amazing mentor, very professional. Moving forward anyone would be lucky to learn from Andrea. Thank you Andrea you are the greatest!!!!

Marie Delsoin
AHRC New York City , Adelphi University

I interned as Andrea's assistant during the final semester of her own internship, during which she has facilitated a drama therapy group at AHRC for over a year. She possesses remarkable flexibility as a leader and mentor, and I felt strongly that the internship was tailored both to my needs and my strengths, providing education and experience as well as utilizing my existing skills. Her poised demeanor, deft observation, and cogent analysis of both the group's collective evolution and of each individual member's progress and well-being is a testament to Andrea's dynamic talent and her broad and well-blended range of skills.

Maggie Sullivan
Artist and Art Educator

Working with Andrea for the past year in her Drama Therapy Group at AHRC was an experience that I will never forget. She possesses a unique quality about her that allows her teaching style to be conversational yet highly informative, both for the clients and the student interns. She provided countless resources for the interns in helping us further our own careers and answered any questions we had with patience and kindness. Her module for applied drama therapy/psychodrama is such a unique and dynamic approach that truly sets her apart from the rest in her field. I am honored to call her one of my mentors and I give her my sincerest recommendation.

Kayla Alperson
Social Cognition and Imagination Lab, Pace University
Andrea is a great teacher and mentor. Her gung-ho attitude is inspiring. I interned for her at the AHRC. I assisted her drama therapy group where I learned invaluable knowledge. Andrea is cultured and has a ostensibly ever-growing list of skills. I am thankful that I was able to learn with her.  I highly recommend her!

Austen Lazarus
Research Assistant at CUNY Research Foundation